About Us

About Us

Purple Pursuit® Premium Show Pig Feed Story

A great business relationship, now a partnership, started many years ago between Spencer Ag Center and Stampede Feed Mill & Ag Supply. Friends Tim Christensen, Dennis Harman, Greg Lear and Tom Lusty all worked for the same South Dakota animal nutrition company. Their jobs consisted of providing animal health and nutrition consulting to farmers and ranchers across Iowa and South Dakota.

Purple Pursuit® Premium Show Pig Feed started out as a special project between Zack Lear (a young 4-h member), Tim Christensen (Spencer Ag Center) and Dr. Fischer a PHD nutritionist. The goal was to develop a feed that had everything necessary to keep a show pig growing: strong bones, keeping great gut health, excellent body condition and bloom. Dr. Fischer has formulated diets for hundreds of thousands of commercial pigs, including sow gestation, lactation, nursery diets and finishers.

Sound nutrition was the fundamental goal of Purple Pursuit® Premium Show Pig Feed. It is offered in meal form at a better value than the pelleted, non-fixed formula feeds being sold by competitive companies.

Our Vision

We believe that the success of Purple Pursuit® Premium Show Pig Feed has come from many blessings coupled with our uniform vision: “To provide the youth in our communities an opportunity to experience agriculture, to work hard and have a valid chance to win.”

We all share the idea that most feed stores that offer “show feeds” don’t go the extra mile to assist our young people with their projects. We have spent countless hours working hand in hand with our youth to be successful, which is what drives us!

If the young people we are working with are learning, working, and winning then we consider ourselves successful.