Show Pig Feed

Show Pig Feed

Features and Advantages of feeding Purple Pursuit®

1. Purple Pursuit® is a ground, fresh feed. Pigs can taste the individual flavors of ingredients better than a pellet, Intakes are very good. Pigs Love Purple Pursuit®!

2. Purple Pursuit® is ground; ground feed has shown to improve gut and rib expansion. Take a pig to a show with a big rib and a full gut and you take one more step closer to the winner’s podium.

3. Purple Pursuit® provides digestible proteins and amino acids from many different sources; Muscles need the best proteins to grow to their genetic potential. We have balanced the amino acid profile and proteins to give you the Maximum muscle development allowed by your pigs genetics.

4. Purple Pursuit® is a “well-balanced diet”; We have many additives in Purple Pursuit® to optimize growth and development of your show pig! We’ve added Chelated trace minerals for improved absorption, Probiotics to improve digestion. All these add up to help you Win!

5. Purple Pursuit® offers you flexibility; your show pig was bred to be a potential champion! Most of the time pigs don’t develop exactly like the bag says, so we have to adjust our feeding to match the current needs and projected outcome of the pig were feeding. With 4 distinct steps we can go forward or backwards based on the need. You will see the meaning in the scenarios.

6. Most importantly, Purple Pursuit® was designed and is fed by many people who raise and show pigs. Many years of knowledge and experience went into the development of Purple Pursuit®. Technology from the commercial swine industry and the needs of the show pig industry were blended to come up with a formula and program that really works. I.e.- we balanced the amino acid profile on 4 of the most important amino acids like Lysine and Methionine. This research came from feed trials.

Feeding Scenarios

Let’s first understand what I mean by “feeding scenarios”. As I said earlier, all pigs feed differently, even littermates sometimes. So we have to have a sharp eye, keep good records of intakes and weights and know the end result we are shooting for. We might need to push the muscle on one pig and/or soften another. By following these scenarios and paying close attention, we will come a whole lot closer to our goals. These are just a start; make sure you stay in contact with the Ag teacher, breeder or your feed dealer to help you.

#1- The pig weighs 100lbs and looks like it could use some more muscle, it has a softer look throughout the center body and rib. You are currently feeding #2. The weight break to go to #3 is about 105. In this case, I would suggest you stay on #2 until we get the desired effect, maybe until 140.

#2- The pig weighs 150lbs and looks like a body builder with no middle. You are currently feeding # 3. The weight break to move to #4 is 170. Go ahead and stay on #er 3 and look at adding some Gut Bomb or granola to add some center body.

#3- The pig weighs 230 ands looks great, plenty of center body, muscle, etc. but you have 30 days until the show and he is gaining 2#s per day. At this rate you would be 290 and over the limit. Consult with your advisor and figure out how much feed to cut back and what you can add (Gut Bomb) to “hold” your pig for a while until you can safely gain 2#s per day again.

These are just a small example of what can come up while feeding show pigs, no matter what feed you feed. Understanding the concepts listed here can help in many other situations that could be similar but happen at different stages.